About PortLayer US

The next layer of hosting

PortLayer is an internet hosting company founded by a group experienced in the industry. After viewing our competition and sampling the market we formulated a company and a plan that would be the ideal solution for anyone. It is our mission to provide affordable, dependable hosting while maintaining close relationships with our clients.
Our mission is rooted in innovation. We are trying to revolutionize the way the hosting market works by shattering the internet hosting mold. We take interest in you or your company, your needs, and your goals and provide you with the tools you need to progress. We will work with you to ensure that you get the plan you need to realize your dreams. Our customers are our employers, and as such we treat them with only the utmost respect and admiration.

Our History

Originally founded in 2006 as TheUpstream.net, we eventually transitioned into a new brand called RackFlux.com in 2011.  Finally in 2017, with a new name, PortLayer, we settled on this brand to create the ultimate hosting company. We made it a goal to create a new kind of service that offered affordable service with excellent customer service.  We are advancing rapidly through the ranks to become one of the top rated hosting companies because we make our customers happy.